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Directed, designed, & produced by

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Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist

Hair/Makeup for Vanessa


Set Designer

1st Assistant Camera



Assistants to Stylist


Assistant to Makeup Artist

Assistants to Set Designer


Talent Coordinator

Production Assistants

Post Production

Post Producers


Composer, Vocalist, Bass Guitarist, Assoc. Producer

Featured Vocalist

30s Sound Editor / Mixer / Score Mixer

Interviews Audio Engineer

Interviews Mix Engineer

Social Media Strategist

Mariah Crenshaw (she/her)
Laura Skarzout (she/her), Zebedee Talent
Lysette Horne (she/they)
Christen Clifford (she/her)
Eshaana Sheth (she/her), Zebedee Talent
Michelle Kang (she/her)
Vanessa Gonzalez (they/them)

Julia Comita

Stephanie Francis

Sam Tetro

Alison Grasso

Marisa Ellison

Moises Ramirez

Will Schaedler

Brenna Drury

Clawed by LaCrème

Erin Welsh

Kari Hustad

Fallou Seck
Angela Cholmondeley

Iain Gomez
Luis Jaramillo

Monay Taylor
Angela Lofaro
Oriana Aponte
Britany Farrant

Julie Rose Loketi

Lisa Saeboe
Reid Currie
Chris Retsina
Ray Dellamura

Victoria Wilson, Zebedee

Samantha Feldman
Danielle Fitzgibbon

Jinx Studios

Emma Garrison
Sarah Murray

Bailey Dale

Danielle Schwob

Ari Mason

Zach McNees

Taylor Bense

Javier Cruz

Lauren Renner

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Director, Photographer, Producer
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Director, Designer, Producer
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