In January of 2023, mother, wife, and model Laura Skarzout underwent her fourth breast reconstruction surgery as a result of complications while healing from her double mastectomy. At risk for breast cancer, the surgery would prevent her from ever getting the disease in the future. Laura wanted to collaborate with a photographer post-operatively to show the messy truth about the healing process. This open conversation around breast cancer and body image launched the project Marks of Majesty. 

Creative partners Julia Comita and Stephanie Francis took care in casting 7 individuals, including Laura, to participate in Marks of Majesty all of whom embody a variety of intersectional identities. Through their work with these previvors, survivors, and patients, they learned the importance of amplifying stories from communities outside of the post-menopausal white female. 

Breast cancer is a devastating epidemic that effects approximately 1 in 8 women* across America. The current research and resources available largely do not account for the multitude of individuals who are non-white, pre-menopausal, queer or transgender.

It is our hope that by sharing the stories of our talent we can educate the public on breast cancer awareness, as well as provide a space for those currently suffering from the disease who go unseen in modern medicine. 

*This statistic does not necessarily include transgender or genderqueer individuals

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